Welcome to Do-it-Yourself Home Automation!

In late 2006, I decided to create a home automation system with the stated goal of making it smart enough that it would eventually come to life and attempt to kill me. While the system hasn’t quite reached HAL strength, it does do some cool stuff, and I have learned some interesting things in the process of piecing it together.

This page exists so that I can share my experiences and offer some useful information to those that are interested in creating an HA system of their own. Since I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on my system, I spent a good deal of time at the beginning tracking down cheap software and free resouces. As endless Googling gets very tedious, one purpose of this site is to show you what I found, so that you can skip the tedium and get right to sticking things into your house’s electrical system.

One word of warning–I am not a professional, nor am I an expert. I am a tinkerer with a soldering iron, some web design skills, and a sincere desire to be able to turn my lights on by yelling at the ceiling. The stuff on this page documents the workings of my system–I’ve pieced most of this together through experimentation and forum-posting, and if I hadn’t had a lot of help from some very dedicated and knowledgeable people, I would probably have electrocuted myself by now. Also, speaking of that, you absolutely shouldn’t try anything I suggest unless you have the necessary experience and understand the risks.

That said, if you have a pretty good idea what you’re doing, browse through the links on the left to get started. Good luck!

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